Southwest airlines name change policy

Southwest airlines name change policy


Name changes have been a common practice among airlines for many years. Southwest Airlines is no exception to this, allowing customers the ability to change their name without incurring any additional fees. However, there are still some important guidelines and restrictions that you should be aware of before attempting to change your name on a Southwest Airlines ticket. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about Southwest's name change policy, from eligibility requirements to fees and more. Read on to learn more!

What is Southwest Airlines' new name change policy?

Southwest Airlines has announced a new name change policy that will go into effect on April 1, 2018. The new policy will allow passengers to change their name on their ticket up to 24 hours before their flight. This is a significant change from the current policy, which only allows changes to be made within 72 hours of the flight.

The new policy will come as a relief to many passengers who have had to deal with last-minute changes, such as a marriage or divorce. It will also allow those who have misspelled their own names to correct the error without having to pay a fee.

"We want our customers to feel confident that they can book their travel on Southwest Airlines without having to worry about any unforeseen circumstances that may arise," said Southwest Airlines spokesperson Dan Landson. "This new policy gives our customers the peace of mind knowing that they can make a change to their travel plans if needed."

Why did Southwest Airlines change their name change policy?

Southwest Airlines has always been known for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere, so it's no surprise that they would have a more lenient policy when it comes to name changes. In the past, the airline allowed passengers to change their names on tickets without any fees or penalties as long as they gave at least 24 hours notice. However, starting in November of 2018, the airline began charging a $50 fee for any name changes made less than 60 days before travel.

The reason for this change is two-fold. First, the airline has been struggling with overbooking issues lately and needs to free up seats for customers with confirmed reservations. Second, Southwest has been cracking down on ticket fraud and believes that charging a fee for name changes will deter people from trying to scam the system.

While some passengers are unhappy with the new policy, Southwest defends its decision by saying that name changes are still allowed as long as they're made at least 60 days in advance. And if you need to make a last-minute name change due to an emergency, the airline will make an exception on a case-by-case basis.

How does the new policy work?

The new policy is pretty simple. If your last name is changed due to marriage, divorce, or legal name change, you can update your ticket free of charge. All you need to do is bring a government-issued ID that reflects your new name. If you have already checked in for your flight, you'll need to update your information at the airport ticket counter.

What are the benefits of the new policy?

The new policy has several benefits for customers. First, it allows for more accurate reservations. Second, it provides a better customer experience by eliminating the need to contact customer service to change a name. Finally, it simplifies the booking process by reducing the number of fields that need to be completed.

Are there any drawbacks to the new policy?

There are a few potential drawbacks to the new Southwest Airlines name change policy. First, it may be confusing for customers who are used to booking flights on the airline's website under the old name. Second, the airline may lose some brand recognition and loyalty among customers who have been flying with Southwest for years. Finally, there could be some logistical challenges in terms of updating all of the airline's marketing and advertising materials to reflect the new name.


Southwest Airlines' name change policy is both generous and customer friendly. It allows customers to make changes at no additional charge and gives them multiple chances to do so in case of any changes made down the line. This policy is great for those who are looking for a hassle-free flight experience, as it eliminates the potential stress that can come with making last-minute travel plans. With Southwest's customer-friendly policies, you can enjoy your journey without having to worry too much about unexpected bumps along the way!